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Experiences that I offer are inspired by the Japanese practice called Shinrin-Yoku, “Forest bathing”. It is a research-based approach to support health, wellness and increased life-quality through spending time in forests and other natural environments. This practice not only promotes physical and emotional wellbeing, but also opens the possibility to return to your roots and remember your true nature.

Join Me on a

A gentle walk
in-person Or Remotely

in Allschwil, Switzerland from anywhere around the globe. Explore life by a journey through our hearts and senses in partnership with our precious natural world. No expectations or judgement accompany us, the only thing that matters is our presence in the
web of life.

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While living a fast-paced corporate life, I more and more discovered the disconnection I had from the present moment, nature, and my true personal path. I have also realized how deeply others have lost their own wholeness too. So, I stepped on a road to find balance and sincere connections to the world. I do that through curious and caring partnership with nature, and with different practices to soothe the busy mind, and to immerse into the beauty of nurturing and authentic presence.

I am a forest and nature therapy guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and I completed Wilderness first aid training. Among my other interests belongs animal communication, crystal sound therapy and Yin Yoga.

My diverse background helps me create experiences that warmly welcome you on the path to mental and physical health.


Upcoming Events

AS your certified forest bathing guide

I will guide you to be with nature, yourself or with others to allow nature to reveal itself to you.

Here is what to expect from a forest bathing event.

In Person

17. March 2024 10:00 Arlesheim

Easter break


07. April 2024 10:00 Arlesheim

14. April 2024 10:00 Arlesheim


21. April 2024 10:00 Rigi Kaltbad


Forest Bathing Walk in Allschwil Forest

Join me on a forest bathing program in the beautiful Allschwil forest near Basel to relax and let go of the daily stress.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Information and Booking: naturebylula@gmail.com


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